Name: Paul Younger

DOB: 11/10/53

Age you started running: 11

Age you retired: 44

Coached by: Myself

Personal best
Distance Time
400m 57s
800m 2.00
1500m 4.03
3000m 8.36
5000m 15.06
10000m 31.59
Martahon 2.39

Best positions/ performances in races

  1. N.I schools 5000m champion
  2. N.I x - c championships (4th)
  3. Team won N.I junior x - c
  4. 3rd in the Ulster schools x - c champs
  5. N.I Vets 10k champion road
  6. N.I Vets x - c 5th (3 times)

Most pleasing athletic performance

  • Ran twice for Northern Ireland, once in Scotland and in the World X- CJunior race in England
  • As a Vet - Represented N.I in the Home International X- C Champs in Wales

Most disappointing performance

  • London Marathon 1986 2hr 53min - leg cramps

Any other comments

  • I enjoyed numerous races I ran, along with meeting many friends form different clubs

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