Name: Jim McGuinness

DOB: 21.09.51

Age you started running: 15

Age you retired: 28


Personal Best Performaces

Distance Time

800m 1.49.5

1500m 3.38.1

1 Mile 3.55.0

5000m 13.54.8


Best postions/ performances in races

1. 1st Irish Schools 800m

2. 1st British Univ 1500m

3. 1st UK Indoor Championships

4. 1st NIAAA Championships 800 & 1500m

5. 3rd Emsley Carr Mile

6. Ranked 7th in the World (on times) Mile 1977


Most Pleasing Athletic Performance

Being selected to compete fot the UK at a time when UK Middle Distance was at its zenith

Competing against & meeting the World & Olympic champions. (They, of course, had the privilege of competeing against myslef.)

World mile ranking in 1977



Not competing in an Olympic or European Games