Name: Davy Smith

DOB: 02/05/54

Age you started running: 16

Age you retired: 33

Coached by: Tony McKnight


Personal Best Performances

Distance Time

800m 1.56.4

1500m 3.56.4

3000m 8.34.2

10 miles 53.18

1/2 Marathon 68.34


Best positions/ performances in races

1st Devon C.Champs 1500m (1974)

N.I Junior winning team 5 consecutive years 4x800m and 4x1500m for winning teams

1st leg Ballycastle Relay 2nd lace 8.30 (Davy Logues record 8.29)

Horner Relays (Jun Leg) ‘B’ team 8th to 4th 3 miles 14.37


Most pleasing athletic performance

Last leg for 4x1500m relay squad at Craigavon beating Achilles A.C for the first time to win the championship for the club


Most disappointing performance

Never making winning team at senior cross-country championships